Code of Conduct



Without limiting Brennan and Associates’ obligations, Brennan and Associates will take all reasonable steps to ensure that its Personnel comply with applicable laws and standards.


If the Employee / Contractor become aware of a matter which is likely to affect materially the ability of the Employee / Contractor to perform their duties, they will immediately notify Brennan and Associates of it.

No commissions

Brennan and Associates will make sure that none of:

  • the Employee / Contractors;
  • the Personnel of Brennan and Associates or a related body corporate of Brennan and Associates,

receives any money, payment or thing of value (including any disclosed or undisclosed commission, rebate, allowance or other benefit) relating in any way to the performance of their work unless approved in writing by Brennan and Associates, other than payment of salaries, wages and entitlements in the ordinary course of business by an employer to its



The Company will comply with all relevant Commonwealth and State legislation, Industry Codes of Practice and Codes including but not limited to the General Insurance Code of Practice (collective “Codes of Practice”).


The Company will never unlawfully obtain or attempt to unlawfully obtain information from any government department, statutory authority, non-government institution, or from any other source.

All our staff must ensure that they only obtain information through lawful means.


Brennan and Associates requires that our staff and contractors do not make any threat, promise or inducement, to any person, whilst conducting inquiries on behalf of Brennan and Associates. The Employee / Contractor will never inform a customer, insured, claimant or any other person that unless they cooperate with the investigation their claim will not be paid.

Conflict of interest

The Company will ensure that it’s Employees / Contractors do not engage in any conduct or activity that could result in real or perceived conflict of interest with Brennan and Associates or its customers.

Should a conflict of interest situation arise or should the Employee / Contractor be uncertain if such a situation has arisen, the Employee / Contractor should notify Brennan and Associates immediately of that conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.


Brennan and Associates will ensure that the Employees / Contractors are familiar with antidiscrimination legislation and general principles concerning equality. An Employee / Contractor should not discriminate against a customer, insured, claimant, third party or any other person on the grounds of sex, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, political
allegiance, and impairment or on any other grounds.


The Employee / Contractor must ensure that all work carried out on behalf of Brennan and Associates is conducted in an ethical and professional manner to all stakeholders at all times.

This includes, but is not limited to, behaving with honesty, integrity and in a fair, objective and courteous manner.


All information provided by Brennan and Associates or created by the Employee / Contractor as a result of performing work for Brennan and Associates will be kept confidential.

Handling and storage of information / documentation / exhibits
Brennan and Associates will treat any information, documentation and exhibits obtained in the course of investigations with the strictest confidence. Information, documentation and exhibits will not be misused or used in any unauthorised manner.


In performing our work, Brennan and Associates will gather information from a customer, insured, claimant, third party or any other person that we may rely on.

All private information will be handled in accordance with our strict Company Privacy Policy.


Brennan and Associates and its staff will at all times conduct investigations in accordance with the General Insurance Code of Practice.


Brennan and Associates has Complaints Policy, whereby any complaints received will be treated seriously and due process will be followed in terms of investigating any complaint received and adhering to a remediation process. Should anyone want to make a genuine complaint about the conduct of our company or its representatives, then they should write to the Managing Director, providing their full name and specific details of the complaint.