Mediation is a voluntary process which can be used in many situations where people are unable to reach an agreement to resolve a dispute.  Mediation is facilitated by an independent mediator, that is a person who doesn’t have any personal involvement in the problem being resolved, and in which both parties are responsible for finding solutions to the issues.

Mediators help people who have not been able to agree about something or have ongoing conflict to discuss the issues, understand each other’s point of view and explore possible solutions for resolving the problem. These solutions may not be perfect, but are solutions that both parties can live with, and enable them to move on with their life.

The mediator’s job is to help the parties discuss the issues that are causing problems for them.  They make sure that it is safe for the parties to meet and keep the conversation respectful.

The mediation process is private and confidential. Even if the parties are not able to reach agreement in mediation nothing said during mediation or options considered during mediation can be disclosed without the permission of the parties.

All mediators who work with Brennan and Associates are nationally accredited mediators registered with the Mediator Standards Board.

Our mediators are able to conduct mediations at the workplace, our offices, via video conferencing or other suitable neutral locations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Workplace conflict and disputes
  • Issues between family members;
  • Issues with or about older family members;
  • Wills and estates;
  • Friendship groups;
  • Community disputes including neighbourhood issues; and
  • Parent/adolescent disputes.