Workplace and/or Cultural Reviews

Employers are often aware there are underlying issues within the workplace, which if left unaddressed can lead to adverse outcomes for an organisation including loss of talent, increased absenteeism, and conflict within the workplace, however identifying the cause can be a challenge, particularly if there is a low level of trust between staff and management. This is where a Workplace and/or Cultural Review can be of significant benefit.

A review is designed to identify key concerns which are causing issues within the workplace, and which left unaddressed may result in disengagement and dysfunction and can be difficult for an organisation to turn around.

At Brennan and Associates we work with the employer to tailor a review process to address the particular concerns and engage with employees to identify all the issues, find workable solutions and develop options or recommendations for improving and restoring a positive workplace culture.

  • Tailored review packages
  • Identification of issues
  • Engagement with employees
  • Workable solutions
  • Positive Workplace culture