Where a full investigation is not the preferred option, but meeting procedural fairness standards is of concern, we can provide assistance tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. This process is particularly useful where investigations are assigned to Human Resources staff with limited investigational experience or where a specialist is required to conduct the investigation due to the nature of the allegations eg. Clinical investigations.

During an initial scoping conversation we will discuss with the client:

  • Details of allegations;
  • Chronology of known events;
  • The client’s investigation plan;
  • What assistance is being sought: and
  • Offer advice about how we can assist the client to achieve their objectives.

Having agreed the scope work, an experienced investigator will be assigned to your matter and will be available to answer your questions or assist with any part(s) of the process including:

  • General administration and oversight of the investigation process:
  • General support for internal investigators;
  • Investigation planning & administration;
  • Telephone advice;
  • Conduct / Assist with interviews
  • Statement taking;
  • Report preparation; and
  • Review of investigation prior to decision making.

We have experienced female investigators on the team, so we are able to cater for circumstances where a female  investigator is considered to be more appropriate.

We are also experienced in conducting reviews of completed investigations to identify process or evidentiary deficiencies.

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