Our full investigation service allows you to totally outsource the Investigation, providing the peace of mind of an independent and impartial Investigation process that meets procedural fairness standards.

During an initial scoping conversation we will discuss with the client:

  • Details of allegations;
  • Chronology of known events;
  • Any draft investigation plan proposed by the client;
  • Potential sources of initial evidence including site inspections and photographic opportunities that may require immediate action to secure the evidence;
  • Relevant policy and practice documents;
  • Identification of any significant risks to individuals or the client;
  • Escalation points;
  • Timeframes for investigation updates and production of reports; and
  • Confirmation that the allegations have been put to any respondent(s) in writing.

Following receipt of the instructions, we will prepare an investigation plan which includes:

  • A list of interviews with persons considered to be relevant to the investigation;
  • Any expert services or opinions that may be required; and
  • Sources of relevant evidence.

This will be reviewed and agreed with the client prior to the commencement of the investigation.

Throughout the course of an investigation the investigator will:

  • Actively manage the investigation process;
  • Obtain recorded interviews, or factual statements (if required) from all persons involved;
  • Respond quickly upon the receipt of information;
  • Seek corroboration via additional sources of evidence whenever possible;
  • Seek expert, technical or scientific evidence when relevant;
  • Maintain an open mind at all times;
  • Recognise and manage any self-bias that they may have;
  • Identify any systemic issues that become apparent; and
  • Provide regular progress reports to the client.

At the conclusion of every investigation we provide the client or nominated legal representative with an investigation package consisting of:

  • A clear and concise factual investigation report that is supported by the evidence obtained;
  • Copies of all interview audio recordings / interview notes;
  • Interview summaries in the required format;
  • Copies of all documentary / other evidence which has been cross referenced to the investigation report presented in an indexed and folioed format; and
  • A copy if the investigation running sheet detailing every investigation activity.
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